Recognizing Coercive Control

In the context of abusive intimate partner relationships, we often talk about physical abuse, but a lesser known and discussed form of abuse, known as coercive control, can be just as damaging. Coercive control is a pattern of behavior that … Read More

The Science of Hope

Hope is a powerful and multifaceted emotion that plays a crucial role in our mental health, resilience, and overall outlook on life. It’s more than just wishful thinking. Hope is deeply rooted in neuroscience, psychology, and even influences our physical … Read More

Five Ways Domestic Violence Affects Children

Domestic violence not only affects the immediate victims but can also leave a profound impact on those who witness it, especially children. Every year, between three and ten million children witness domestic violence between their parents or caregivers. While they … Read More

Spiritual Abuse is Abuse

Spiritual abuse is the misuse of spiritual or religious beliefs to manipulate, control, or harm others. An abusive partner may exploit their partner’s spiritual or religious beliefs to exert power and assert or maintain dominance. It can be difficult to … Read More

Stay Safe: Making a Safety Plan

A safety plan is a personalized plan that a person can use to increase their safety during a dangerous or scary time in their life. A safety plan must be tailored to each person’s specific situation. Make sure your safety … Read More

Understanding the VOICES Committee

The Greene County chapter of the VOICES committee was established in November 2021. In this month’s blog we explore what the committee is all about. The VOICES Survivor Advocacy Network is a program of Alliance for HOPE International. The network … Read More

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