Any victim of domestic, sexual, or family violence can receive services at the Family Justice Center.

The Greene County Family Justice Center will not discriminate based on race, age, sex, physical challenges, color, national origin, religious or political affiliation, gender expression or sexual orientation, marriage or military status.

Yes, all services at the Family Justice center are provided free of charge.

No, you are not required to speak with law enforcement. Although there are detectives from the Domestic Violence Investigations Unit at the FJC, we do not require any victim to file a police report, nor are they pressured to do so. Services are offered voluntarily and it’s up to the victim to decide what services they would like to utilize.

Yes, all services provided by our community based advocates/navigators are confidential. This means that any information you share with a navigator/advocate will be held in confidence and cannot be shared. This is a privilege protected by law. Although members of Springfield Police Department, Greene County Sheriff’s Office, and the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office are on site, they cannot collect your information from Family Justice Center records or staff without your written consent.

There are very few limitations to confidentiality, and include only the reporting of known or suspected elder or child abuse or neglect or intent to harm yourself for others. There are representatives of law enforcement and the Prosecuting Attorneys’ office on site who do not hold the same legal protection. If you choose to meet with them, they may be required in some situations to share some information you disclose. Your Navigator/Advocate will clearly communicate the confidentiality protections of each partner during the intake process.

For assistance after hours, call the 24-hour local crisis hotline at 417-864-SAFE(7233).