What to expect when you visit:

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Come As You Are

When you arrive at the Family Justice Center, you can expect a welcoming, comfortable, and safe environment. We are here to serve you. There is no need to bring anything other than yourself, and you are welcome to bring your children with you. You can bring a support person as well, but they may be asked to wait outside of the room during parts of your visit to ensure you are safe and comfortable.

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No Appointment Necessary

Walk-ins are welcome and encouraged.

Open 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday

For after-hours assistance, call the Harmony House/Victim Center's 24-hour safe line at 417-864-SAFE(7233).

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You Have Choices

Everyone who visits the Family Justice Center will meet with a Navigator (community advocate) who will serve as your guide to connecting you with the help you need from various community agencies.

All Services Free & Confidential

All services provided by our community based advocates/navigators are FREE of charge and confidential. This means that any information you share with a navigator/advocate will be held in confidence and cannot be shared. This is a privilege protected by law. Although members of Springfield Police Department, Greene County Sheriff’s Office, and the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office are on site, they cannot collect any of your information from Family Justice Center records or staff without your written consent.

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Do you have a safety plan?

A safety plan is a personalized plan that a person can use to increase their safety during a dangerous or scary time in their life. Because every person’s situation is different, a safety plan has to be tailored to each person. Make sure to keep your safety plan in a safe place where an abuser won’t find it.
Learn About Safety Planning