Spiritual Abuse is Abuse

Spiritual abuse is the misuse of spiritual or religious beliefs to manipulate, control, or harm others. An abusive partner may exploit their partner’s spiritual or religious beliefs to exert power and assert or maintain dominance. It can be difficult to identify since many victims aren’t always aware that their spirituality is being used against them.

Spiritual abuse can manifest in many ways, including:

  • Skewing religious teachings: abusive partners may distort religious doctrine and/or texts to justify or excuse their abusive behavior, including things like rape and physical and financial dominance. Abusers may also use scripture to humiliate or belittle the person they are abusing.
  • Isolation and prohibition: abusers may use religious practices to isolate their partners from their faith community or support networks or prohibit them from practicing their religion.
  • Ridicule: sometimes abusers make fun of their victim for being spiritual or religious.
  • Forced religious practice: some abusers may coerce their partners into engaging in religious practices against their will, using spirituality as a tool for manipulation.

Spiritual abuse can have profound and lasting effects on survivors’ mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Survivors may experience intense feelings of guilt or shame, believing that their abuse is a result of their perceived spiritual shortcomings.

For members of the clergy, Greene County Family Justice Center in partnership with other local organizations provides training to better help them better recognize the signs of all forms of abuse. When a couple turns to their faith leader, they don’t open with the fact that they’re experiencing domestic violence, so it is important that the clergy evaluate the power balance in the relationship before they provide counsel. It is a tricky position when a member of their congregation comes to them about marital issues, and clergy need more tools in their toolbox to be able to dissect what’s happening.

Spiritual abuse can lead to a loss of faith or a strained relationship with religion and spirituality in general. By acknowledging that spiritual abuse is abuse, we can work toward creating an environment that promotes healing, empowerment, and safety for anyone who is experiencing it.


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