The Greene County Family Justice Center offers services from many on-site, community partners in one safe location. All services are coordinated by a Navigator (community advocate) and are free of charge and confidential. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Safety planning
  • Assistance in filing an emergency order of protection (ex parte)
  • Assistance in accessing emergency shelter
  • Basic legal information
  • Civil legal representation including divorce, child custody, and orders of protection
  • Assistance in filing a police report related to domestic or sexual violence
  • Crisis counseling
  • Prosecution services
  • Assistance with community resources, including housing, Medicaid, food stamps, etc.
  • Child protection services
  • Assistance with child support orders and enforcement
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All visitors to the Family Justice Center are provided with a Navigator (community based advocate) to help them access available services. The Navigator aids in assessing a client's needs and then connects them with requested agency partners. The Navigator accompanies the client during all services to provide a central point of contact for clients.

Our On-site Agency Partners

  • Harmony House
  • The Victim Center
  • Legal Services of Southern Missouri
  • Greene County Children’s Division
  • Springfield Police Department
  • Greene County Prosecutor’s Office
  • Greene County Sheriff’s Office
  • Burrell Behavioral Health
  • Child Support Office of Family Support Division