Mission Statement:

The Greene County Family Justice Center is a community collaboration of public and private agencies dedicated to ending domestic violence and resulting victimizations through prevention and coordinated response by providing comprehensive client-centered, empowerment services in a single location.

Service Pledge:

We promise to:

  • Provide survivor-centered services
  • Provide community outreach and education
  • Create an atmosphere and culture of empowerment
  • Enhance partner collaboration and excellence


Our vision is a future where we all work together to meet the needs of domestic violence survivors through comprehensive and accessible services, education, and perpetrator accountability. Through a coordinated framework and co-located response, we strive to break the vicious generational cycle and community impact of domestic violence and resulting victimizations.

Family Justice Center Guiding Principles:



Increase safety, promote healing, and foster empowerment through services for survivors and their children


Services that promote victim autonomy

Culturally Competent:

Commitment to the utilization of culturally competent services approaches that are measurable and behavior based

Community Engaged:

Engage the community through outreach and community education


Shape services to meet the needs of the survivors


Evaluate and adjust services based on survivor input and evidence-based best practices


Maintain close working relationships among all collaborators/agencies (law enforcement, prosecution, community-based domestic violence programs, shelters, and other social service agencies)

Prevention Oriented:

Integrate primary, secondary and tertiary prevention approaches into all initiatives, programs, and projects


Develop a Family Justice Center community that values, affirms, recognizes, and supports staff, volunteers and clients


Offer survivors a place to belong even after crisis intervention services are no longer necessary

Offender Accountability:       

Increase offender accountability through evidence-based prosecution strategies


Q: What is a Family Justice Center?

            A: A Family Justice Center is a center for survivors of domestic violence and resulting victimizations that offers services from both private and public organizations in one location. By co-locating professionals from victim advocacy organizations, law enforcement, the prosecutor’s office, and others, survivors have better access to comprehensive wrap-around services.

Q: How is this different than the services other agencies offer?

            A: The Family Justice Center does not duplicate community services. It is a central point of entry providing the framework for greater collaboration and teamwork among existing agencies.

Q: Who can receive services?

            A: We serve men, women, and children that are victims of domestic violence and resulting victimizations.

Q: Are services free?

            A: Yes, all services provided at the Family Justice Center are no cost to victims.

Q: Do I need an appointment, or can I walk-in?

            A: Appointments and walk-ins are both welcome.

Q: If I come in, am I required to talk to law enforcement?

            A: No, you are not required to speak with law enforcement or any other partner unless you choose to do so.

Q: Can I bring my children?

            A: Yes, we have toys and activities for children of all ages.

Q: If I need services outside of office hours, who can I call?

            A: For immediate assistance, call the 24-hour crisis hotline at (417) 864-7233.

Q: Is my information confidential?

            A: Yes, you control which partners receive and/or share your information during your visit.

Q: Will they help me with an ex parte order of protection?

            A: Absolutely, our advocates are more than happy to help.

Q: Will I be safe at the Family Justice Center?

            A: Our safety and security procedures are designed to ensure your safety at all times. Our secure, limited access facility provides peace of mind while you access the services you need.

Business partners:

The Victim Center

Harmony House

Legal Services of Southern Missouri

Greene County Prosecuting Attorney

Springfield Police Department

Greene County Sheriff’s Office

Children’s Division

Child Support Division

City of Springfield

Child Advocacy Center